10 10 1 = 10101 = 16 + 4 + 1 = 21
21 * 2 = 42 = the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

what ist tentenone?
tentenone combines BIP39 and the binary number system for a minimalist steel wallet.

what is bip39
BIP39 allows user to use a set of words to access their bitcoin wallet instead of complicated private key. This set of words will be translated by wallet software to generate a deterministic wallet addresses. The wallet software uses algorithms to create a private key internally from your BIP39 words.

why convert bip39 to binary
well, of course you can just write down your words or pound them into a steel plate.
For us, the conversion still has advantages:

1.) the steel plate is very small

2.) The words cannot be immediately translated by someone else

3.) you only need a center punch

4.) it’s a lot of fun and somehow a bit nerdy

…yes ok, actually you don’t need it, but it’s awesome.


How to

Step 1

Look for the 1st word of your seed phrase in the word list. We take the word “net” for this example.
On the left you see the serial number, on the right the binary code → 010010100110


Step 2

010010100110 → The 1 in the code stands for a mark, the 0 remains empty. each mark represents a number.
So this code means: 1024 , 128 , 32 , 4 , 2


Step 3

Adding the numbers gives the serial number of the word “Net”.

2 + 4 + 32 + 128 + 1024 = 1190

As a check you should add up the numbers and compare the result with the Bip 39 word list. If the number is correct, you can punch it into the plate. Now you repeat these steps for all the words.

That’s the whole magic.

you can store either 24 words or 2 x 12 words on a wallet.



if you are unsure, you can first use a pen and make all the markings.
Then you can punch everything at once with the center punch.

or use the punching template to easily transfer the binary system.

download tamplate